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New Report Challenges GM Industry Myths
Farming Online, 19 June 2012

"The report GMO Myths and Truths is a detailed study covering everything from the genetic engineering technique through to an analysis of the benefits of GM foods and crops. The report is heavily referenced, allowing the reader to determine the validity of the authors’ conclusions. The section on GM crops’ impact on the farm and environment seriously questions the benefits of growing these crops, citing examples of increased pesticide use, pest resistance, inconclusive yield benefits and their value in feeding the worlds increasing population..... weighing in at over 120 pages ... it’s not the weight that makes for uncomfortable reading but the detailed critique of many of the supposed benefits of GM technology and the fact that these have all been brought together in one report. What makes it even more difficult to ignore is the credentials of the authors concerned, these are not your light-weight anti-everything tree huggers but acclaimed scientists. This should open up the debate at a high level on the benefits of GM crops and be essential reading not just for policy makers. The questions raised in this report are too numerous and serious to be simply disregarded."
New report challenges GM industry myths
Farming Online, 19 June 2012

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Saving the monarch butterfly: Iowa State University biologist explains census discrepancy
Iowa State University News Service, 2 August 2017
Monsanto's Roundup blamed for the decline of the monarch butterfly
St Louis Post-Dispatch, 4 February 2015
Monarch butterfly decline linked to spread of GM crops
CBC News, 4 June 2014

Migration of Monarch Butterflies Shrinks Again Under Inhospitable Conditions
New York Times, 29 Janaury 2014

Current weed control programs in cotton ‘not sustainable’
Delta Farm Press, 13 January 2014

Study ties GMO corn, soybeans to butterfly losses
Star Tribune, 16 March 2013

Study ties GMO corn, soybeans to butterfly losses
Star Tribune, 16 March 2012

GM rice spreads, prompts debate in China
AFP, 15 June 2011
GM crop escapes into the American wild
Nature, 6 August 2010
Modified genes found in wild plant, possibly cross between GMOs
Kyodo News International, 2 July 2010

* American scientists at the US Department of Agirculture have discovered that the use of GM glyphosate resistant crops is stimulating detrimental pathogens in the soil (The Organic & Non-GMO Report, January 2010)
Genetically modified herbicide-resistant genes from oil seed rape (canola) have be found to have transfered to weeds in Canada which have then proved to be persistent (StarPhoenix, 19 February 2008)
No pesticide savings for Bt cotton as growers in China lose money, Newswise, 25 July 2006
Bt Cotton in US fails to improve biodiversity, Scientific American, 2 May 2006
GM Cotton Damages Environment In China - Xinhuanet report
Argentina's bitter GM harvest, New Scientist 17 April 2004
Bt toxin is released in root exudates from 12 transgenic corn hybrids representing three transformation events Soil Biology & Biochemistry v.34, i.1 Jan02
'Welsh Farmer' - Flaws in GM crop trials - Feb 2002
'GM volunteer canoloa causes havoc' - Article - Monsanto forced to resort to hand weeding
GM fields spread new superweeds - Sunday Times
Monsanto gears up for special chemical mixtures against GM 'superweeds'
Horizontal Gene Transfer - DNA in the Soil
GM Potatoes Alter Soil Ecology
New US corn viruses - is GM the prime suspect?
Glyphosate treated GM soy regime impact on soil micro-organisms
Effect of RR soy regime on nitrogen fixation
Lethal effects of Bt corn on Monarch Butterfly
First multiple HT GM gene-flow discovered in UK OSR trials
NZ Scientists warn of DDT type GM mistakes
GM crops not needed for sustainable industrial products
Insecticide from GM corn seeps into soil - study
GE crops with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) genes suspected to disturb soil ecology
Bt Impacts on Soil Microbial Communities Needs Further Study
Persistence of transgenic sugar beet DNA in soil and horizontal gene transfer
Biodiversity impact of herbicide resistant crops - Iowa State University
Bt maize kills non-target beneficial insects (see mid page of link)
GM potatoes kill natural predators of aphids
Oestrogen levels rise risk in Roundup Ready Soya beans
Biosafety of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity
Compositional change in milk from cows fed on GM soya
Doubts over mutant pollen from gm crops in Honey - University of Leicester
Biodiversity impact of herbicide resistant crops - Iowa State University
Non-target effects of Bt corn pollen on the Monarch butterfly
GM OSR cross pollination found up to 2.5 km away - Scottish Crop Research Institute
New Scientist - rape cross pollination

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