Legal Liability Problems

New Report Challenges GM Industry Myths
Farming Online, 19 June 2012

"The report GMO Myths and Truths is a detailed study covering everything from the genetic engineering technique through to an analysis of the benefits of GM foods and crops. The report is heavily referenced, allowing the reader to determine the validity of the authors’ conclusions. The section on GM crops’ impact on the farm and environment seriously questions the benefits of growing these crops, citing examples of increased pesticide use, pest resistance, inconclusive yield benefits and their value in feeding the worlds increasing population..... weighing in at over 120 pages ... it’s not the weight that makes for uncomfortable reading but the detailed critique of many of the supposed benefits of GM technology and the fact that these have all been brought together in one report. What makes it even more difficult to ignore is the credentials of the authors concerned, these are not your light-weight anti-everything tree huggers but acclaimed scientists. This should open up the debate at a high level on the benefits of GM crops and be essential reading not just for policy makers. The questions raised in this report are too numerous and serious to be simply disregarded."
New report challenges GM industry myths
Farming Online, 19 June 2012

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GM rice spreads, prompts debate in China
AFP, 15 June 2011

* Contamination of rice crops in the United States with an unapproved GM variety has lead to millions of dollars being paid out in compensation to affected farmers by biotech company Bayer following a court ruling (Bloomberg, 4 December 2009)

Farmers told GM crops are 'too dangerous to insure'
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photo of surviving volunteer GM canola plants in Canada after spraying with Roundup!
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Canadian GM pollution case
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Land values at risk from GM crops
RICS Land Values Report
GENE TRANSFER BETWEEN CANOLA (Oilseed Rape) AND RELATED WEED SPECIES - full research paper: University of Idaho, and other references
Other farm property rights violation issues associated with this technology

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