Other Profitability And Marketability Problems

New Report Challenges GM Industry Myths
Farming Online, 19 June 2012

"The report GMO Myths and Truths is a detailed study covering everything from the genetic engineering technique through to an analysis of the benefits of GM foods and crops. The report is heavily referenced, allowing the reader to determine the validity of the authors’ conclusions. The section on GM crops’ impact on the farm and environment seriously questions the benefits of growing these crops, citing examples of increased pesticide use, pest resistance, inconclusive yield benefits and their value in feeding the worlds increasing population..... weighing in at over 120 pages ... it’s not the weight that makes for uncomfortable reading but the detailed critique of many of the supposed benefits of GM technology and the fact that these have all been brought together in one report. What makes it even more difficult to ignore is the credentials of the authors concerned, these are not your light-weight anti-everything tree huggers but acclaimed scientists. This should open up the debate at a high level on the benefits of GM crops and be essential reading not just for policy makers. The questions raised in this report are too numerous and serious to be simply disregarded."
New report challenges GM industry myths
Farming Online, 19 June 2012

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UK’s National Farmers Union sounds warning over GM crops
Farmers Weekly, 17 November 2016

Spain: Farmers abandon Monsanto’s GM maize en masse
GM Watch, 6 July 2016
Fly in the face of Bt cotton
Hindu Business Line, 6 May 2016
Is the Bt trait less effective for corn earworms?
Dairy Herd Management, 22 May 2015
More conventional soybean acres in 2015?
Delta Farm Press, 26 January 2015
Jack Heinemann - Correlation is not causation
RightBiotech, 27 November 2014
Scientists find multiple problems with GMOs
Mail Tribune, 13 April 2014
U.S. GMO crops show mix of benefits, concerns - USDA report
Reuters, 24 February 2014

Considering conventional soybeans? Here’s some advice
Delta Farm Press, 11 February 2014

Current weed control programs in cotton ‘not sustainable’
Delta Farm Press, 13 January 2014

Monsanto sued over genetically modified wheat
Associated Press, 4 June 2013

Slow take-up of GM canola
ABC (Australia), 16 May 2013

Iowa livestock producer claims operation lost due to GMO corn
Ag Professional, 4 December 2012

Review Bt cotton, orders state govt
Times of India, 21 July 2012

India loses faith in GM cotton
Guardian, 15 May 2012

Monsanto props up weak GM crop price
The Australian, 23 April 2012
As Roundup's effect fades, farming costs rise
Delawareonline, 17 April 2012

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* Although Bt crops in America helped reduce the use of insecticides in cotton crops initially, in Mississippi spraying has begun rising again resulting in total costs to farmers which are increasingly uneconomic (Delta Farm Press, 15 January 2010)
* For the first time since 2000 the share of the US soy crop taken by GM varieties has fallen as the economic reasons for growing them weaken (The Organic & Non-GMO Report July/August 2009)

As costs associated with Roundup Ready crops rise more farmers are looking to return to conventional cropping (WCPN, 28 May 2009)
GM crops in the United States are driving up the cost of seed in the United States despite increasing husbandry problems such as weed resistance to glyphosate (Peoria Journal Star, Illinois, 6 April 2009)
Roundup Ready sugar beet has delivered a disappointing performance in its first year of growing in the United States (Farmers Weekly, 6 February 2009)
Monsanto has expensive seed monopoly (Des Moines Register, 17 October 2008)
Conventional soybean varieties are making a comeback in Missouri as GM crop costs rise (University of Missouri, 9 August 2008)
Non-GM Cotton Just As Or More Profitable As GM (American Society of Agronomy, 11 February 2008)
GM contamination, husbandry, and market problems follow introduction of GM canola (oil seed rape) in Canada, Canberra Times, 5 February 2008
No pesticide savings for Bt cotton as growers in China lose money, Newswise, 25 July 2006
Problems persist with inadequately tested Bt Cotton varieties in India - Financial Express, India, 5 June 2006
Crop failure and major   husbandry problems with Monsanto's Bt cotton in India
GM crops under fire after Bt cotton venture fails in India
GM plants no panacea - Monsanto Admits to Bt crop problems - New Scientist Report
USDA Report Exposes GM Crop Economic Myths

Australia farmers want postponement of GM canola
'Welsh Farmer' - Flaws in GM crop trials
Genetic modification accused of damaging cotton quality
New report questions whether planting Bt corn worth the cost
US Refiners Shun Bioengineered Sugar Beets
GM rape heading for agronomic scrap heap?
UK Dairy Farmers Don't Need US Soy Anymore
Purdue professors downplay importance of transgenics to Indiana farmers
US NFU calls for GM Wheat moratorium
Canadian Wheat Board wants GM wheat banned before its introduction to protect markets
Bt corn not economic in Indiana
Full article including marketing problem issues
GM soya ban good for UK
Illinois Asks Dealers Not to Sell A Controversial Monsanto Corn Seed
Global rejection on Roundup Ready wheat as North Dakota and Montana consider moratorium
Export markets pointin' thumbs down on biotech corn
Farmers, foreign markets send negative signals about Roundup Ready wheat
Canadian NFU calls for GM food ban
National Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Starlink Producer

Who is going to pay the externalized costs of GMOs?
Is Genetic Engineering Worth the Cost? - Ann Clarke, University of Guelph
Macdonalds dumps GM animal feed for its meat products
StarLink fiasco wreaks havoc in the heartland
Tyson stops buying StarLink gene-altered corn
Non Genetic Canola Trade Advantage
GM crops cost US corn farmers £700m in lost exports
Australia cashes in on non-gm canola market - see third item
Purdue University on GM contaminaiton - Protect Corn Crop Value by Protecting Crop Identity
Spanish Corn Starch Industry says Bt Corn is a Problem
UK farmers go GM-free with new crops as US makes huge market blunder
US farmers raise GM legal, marketing and production questions
Bt GM Cotton less profitable than conventional Cotton as 'stink bugs' hit back
Economic failures of GM cropping
Misinformed US farmers buy Bt corn seed
No economic benefit to farmers from Bt corn - University of Purdue
Report on the Economics of BT Corn and its adoption Implications
Tesco to ban produce from GM trial sites
British Sugar says it will not accept GM sugar beet
NLP speaker at international agriculture conference in Brazil - GMOs and market economics
Northern Soya - Robin Appel's GM-free soya seed for British farmers
US livestock won't eat GM crops
Little benefit to farmers from GM crops - Farmers Weekly
US Farmers start to turn away from GM crop
The international market for genetically-modified crops is collapsing
U.S. grain merchants paying up for non-GMO crops
Corn Growers Association advises US growers to consider abandoning GM varieties in 2000 (see second item)
Full PR Newswire report on ACGA advice to growers (see second item)
Tide begins to turn in US against GM crops
US loses EU markets thanks to GM crops
Canadians lose EU markets thanks to GM crops
GM crops unsaleable on international markets
America's Future clouded for GM crops in US
Japanese pay up to 53% premium for GM
US giant food processor starts to move away from GM soya

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