Farmers Weekly 4 May 2001


Pair of chart-topping varieties lead Syngenta's market plans

Plant breeder Sygenta Seeds has big plans for the oilseed rape market. Andrew Swallow visited its German breeding headquarters to find out more

SYNGENTA Seeds, a relative newcomer to the oilseed rape seeds market, could take nearly half the business this summer thanks to two new chart-topping varieties.

"If everything goes swimmingly we could have 40-45% market share this year," says UK sales and marketing manager, Nigel Padbury.

"Five years ago we had less than half of 1%."

At the heart of that prediction are his hopes for new UK Recommended List varieties Royal and Recital. "We have enough Royal for 8-10% of the market and Recital could take 15-17%," he says.

Royal, as the hybrid list leader at 111% of control yield, outyields previous top hybrid Gemini by 7% and outstrips CPB's debutant Disco by 3%.

Price has been set at 55/ha (22/acre), based on a recommended 60 seeds/sq m sowing rate with iprodione/thiram seed treatment. "It is a premium price which reflects its position on the list," says Mr Padbury.

Recital is a conventional variety with a yield score of 105, more in tune with the hybrids than previous conventional list leaders Escort and Fortress. Seed will be sold in 22kg/ha packs at a price which, based on Syngenta's recommended 5.5kg/ha, works out at 45/ha (18/acre).

"It really is a Madrigal mark two," says Mr Padbury, who accepts some of Recital's market share will be at the expense of that variety and Fortress. But their market share should still be 5% and 15%, respectively, he believes.

[Footnote: Farming News also reports on Syngenta's new rape hybrid 'Spirit' with a yield of 109% relative to control varieties]

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