Natural Law Party
Anti-GM Campaign Leaflet 1996

"The following letter from Henry & Sally Brighouse, Natural Law Party representatives in Stroud, tells the story of the rising waves of support to make Stroud the first GMO-free city in the UK: 'When 500 people turned out to deliver a carefully worded document of concern about genetically modified organisms to Stroud's five supermarkets recently, it was clear that a deep concern felt by the people of Stroud was coming into focus. The event was a milestone in a process of education that started three years earlier with the arrival in Stroud of the Natural Law Party's clear and persuasive leaflet outlining the dangers of GM food. We handed it out wherever we could, and took a copy to our then MP who blandly assured us there was nothing to worry about because government regulatory procedures were quite adequate to protect the consumer.... The Natural Law Party had established its identity as the party with a clear understanding of the issue, and the NLP's leaflet about GMOs became increasingly in demand in local shops and cafés. The 1997 general election gave us a new MP, David Drew (Labour), who was more receptive to our concerns and wisely realised that the GMO issue was a serious vote-catcher, in spite of government pro-GM policy. We had gained a voice in parliament. The focus of the campaign was to keep writing letters by the dozen, inspired by our large ongoing exhibition in the Mother Nature food shop in the centre of town.... Our campaign to ban GMOs continues with rising support to make Stroud the first GM-free town in the country."
'The Stroud campaign for safe food'
Natural Law Party News Bulletin, April 1999

In 1996 the Natural Law Party in Great Britain produced the world's first 'street level' mass produced anti-GM campaign leaflet aimed at informing the general public on the subject - a copy is provided below

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